Aims and Features of Silver vehicle

1: Elderly people can ride comfortably

Operate with hands only, without feet
Left hand for adjustment of speed/stop
Right hand for steering
Getting on and off are easier by low-floor structure that is considered wheelchair users
Large opening and height of the seat that is considered line from walk

2: Elderly people can ride safely

Spacelayout take enough safety margin
High eye point and wide view
Conspicuity vy the vehicle height
Operation equipment is arranged on the armrest.

3: Reduction of energy consumption

Lightweight design using alminium.
Selection of tires with low rolling resistance.
Pursuing of body shape with less air resistance

4: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

High efficiency by electric motor/Freedom of energy choice.
The use of regenerative energy

5: Reducting of difficulty of parking/Traffic congestion

Small Occupied space by small size

6: Convenience, economy, etc.

Fuel supply from the outlet at home
Chassis layout that can accommodate wheelchair

7: Styling

As a new category, move away from the image of conventional 2/4 wheel and we tried barrier free design not only usability, but also mental side.
Expressed the joy of moving in the Vigorous shape.
Suggestion as a vehicle for the 21st century.