Aims and Features of the Silver Vehicle

1: Easy to ride vehicle even for the elderly

Hands only operation, without the need to use one’s feet.
Left hand adjusts acceleration/deceleration/stops the vehicle
The right hand handles steering (with power assist).
Low-floor structure for easy entry and exit with consideration for wheelchair users.
Seat height and large opening for easy access from walking

2: Even elderly people can ride with ease

Comfortable layout with plenty of safety margins
Wide field of vision with high viewing point
High vehicle height to ensure visibility
Control devices are placed in the armrest area, so that the driver can stabilize his or her body before starting to drive.

3: Reduction of energy consumption

Lightweight design with active use of aluminum
Specialized tires with low rolling resistance
Pursuit of a body shape with low aerodynamic resistance

4: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

High efficiency and freedom of energy selection by using electric motors
Use of regenerative energy

5: Reduces parking difficulties and traffic congestion

Small footprint due to ultra-compact size

6: Convenience, economy, etc.

Ability to fuel automobile from home outlet
Chassis layout to accommodate wheelchair use

7: Styling image

As a new style of vehicle, we have tried to break away from the conventional image of two- and four-wheeled vehicles and create a barrier-free design not only in terms of usability but also in terms of mentality, expressing the joy of transportation in an energetic form, and proposing it as a vehicle for the 21st century.