As is fourth project making a world premiere-following the GENOS, KIRA and XTILE-SIVAX presents the IZANA. The IZANA is a high-end coupe designed with a novel, unprecedented aesthetic. A fusion of the lines of traditional coupes and elements of Japan’s claasical culture, and pursuit of higher quality for sophisticated men and women- brought together, these led to the creation of the IZANA. The blending of different cultures succeeded in a coupe of a completely new form. SIVAX, with its approach to design, consistently creates new.
IZANA in named after a god in Japan’s mythology, “Izanaginomikoto”, who is known as the creator of the ancient Japanese island and the father of many gods. The name IZANA was chosen to signify our company’s commitment to begin a carrozzeria in Japan, to continue creating outstanding designs and models.

IZANA’s style has unique qualities enabled by the redefinition of balance and other characteristics that any coupe should inherit from he designs of its predecessors.
The basic idea for its unrestrained lines and for the choice or rear wheels being larger than the front ones taken from Japan’s classical vehicle, the “Jinrikisya”.
With an elegant but vivacious silhouette, IZANA is reminiscent of an animal about to leap.
As it combines this dynamic form with fine featured lamp treatment that hints of Kabuki makeup, IZANA expresses both contained strength and framboyance.
The large gull-wing doors tempt the driver to make a run into a different and undiscovered world.
The IZANA interior offers a unique atmosphere suggesting reliability and grace as soft and natural-texture leather blends with copper surfaces in an amor motif.
The impressive interior space glows warmly as light coming in through the glass roof and reflects off the copper and splendidly matched leather.