The exterior features of the car highlights the image of driving

In order to emphasize the sporty image of driving, we focused on expressing the overall sense of mass and the dynamism of the four wheels.
The composition and expression of the surface, which is intended to be “sharp” and “graceful,” is based on a wedge base, but by using positive and negative surfaces, it creates a sense of volume and tension without running character lines.
In particular, please pay attention to the sense of power created by the negative side.
The strength of the flares on the wheel arches is highlighted, emphasizing the driving image of the “GENOS”.
The front mask, which is cut vertically by the lines of the left and right fenders, clearly expresses the car’s theme of “cleanness”. This frontal shape has the aerodynamic merit of improving straight-line stability.
In addition, the high hood provides a sufficient crumple zone. This reduces damage to pedestrians in the event of a collision.
The glass roof that runs from the front windshield is different from the conventional full glass cabin or normal sunroof.
The glass roof is different from both the full glass cabin and the standard sunroof, and provides a sense of lightness and driving pleasure as well as strong body rigidity.
Needless to say, it also makes the interior bright and open.

The interior features a “split bamboo” look.

In Japan, there is a word that describes gracefulness. In the past, along with the technology of integrated plastic molding, the mainstream of automobile interiors implemented organic design with curves.
However, an organic design is not always gentle and comfortable for people.
A clean and neat design based on straight lines can be expected to calm people’s minds and encourage them to make calm decisions.
This will be most effective for safe driving.
The momentum of the fender lines, the character of the exterior, runs directly through to the interior.
Against this basic framework, each block of the interior is composed of elements that are combined in an architectural manner.
Elements such as the dashboard, door trim, steering wheel, and seats are all based on neat, clean lines and surfaces, and are designed in combination with geometric shapes such as regular circles, triangles, and squares.
Furthermore, the contrast between materials is actively reflected in the design intent.
The color scheme of white (ivory) and black (dark gray) expresses this intention more strongly.