We vidualize and capture a new trend of the times in a creative form.
A direction for design emerges from this initial stage.


From new generation design conceptulization to mass production follow-ups,
SIVAX guarantees high quality and high value in the designs created.


・Design Consultant
・Concept Making
・Design Research
・Idea Sketch
・Package Layout
・Interior Plan
・Color Plan
・Follow-up services for production fom Aspect of Design

Now in the Information Age. And it also means the Design Age.
We are keen to pick everybody information to capture trend.
We also value express our creativity with our own voice when we make information into a tengible form.
Design Department has been engaged in plannning and design development of industrial production general with particular emphasis on automobile.
We provide a wide range of support with digital implementation of design development from the proposal of concepts with visual presentation and sketches at the planning stage to the production of clay models, creation of surface data, and mockups corresponded to production feasibility.

Digital Mock-up

We digitalize images. Making full use of Alias, we create a virtual model from 2D sketch as well as CG animation.


・Virtual Modeling
・CG animation

Today, digitalization at the early stages of the design development process is essential for the sophisticated validation of a created design and smooth transfer of the data to the modeling process.
Using the industry standard Alias, digital mock-up service at our Design Department offers as its main business virtual modeling, which is solidified from a 2D sketch, and the production of CG animation for presentation.
CG using Alias requires the high degree of finess in data visualization with lines and planes added in the manner that express the intention of the design.
Since almost all our CG are created as a step before actual modeling, our skillful Alias operations are thoroughly familiar with both in designing and modeling.