“Code NA17D” was created by a brand new SIVAX design team.

At the beginning of the project, the design team focused on the diverse landscapes of California.

The West Coast, including California, is one of the most diverse places in North America.
Therefore, various characteristics and features are combined to form new cultures, fashions and products.

From the idea that we, SIVAX, want to be a similarly diverse company, we made the concept of this car by ​​combining various elements to create the modern car.

We combined and compressed not only compact, luxury, and SUV cars in the proportions of classic sports cars, but also old and new lines and surfaces that were not used in automobile design until now. It represents the moment when the lump explodes and expands beyond the frame.

The styling, created with an unprecedented method, is a combination of optical illusions and visual effects using perspective. The result is a design that changes its expression depending on where you look at it.